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Lynette scavo house

In a plot twist nobody saw coming, actresses Lori Loughlin Aunt Becky on Full House and Felicity Huffman best known as Lynette Scavo on Desperate Housewives were among the 50 people charged in a national scheme where wealthy parents paid coaches and other university insiders to get their kids into elite colleges, federal prosecutors say, according to Associated Press.

There were two parts to the conspiracy, reports CNN :. Others charged in the criminal investigation included SAT and ACT test administrators, an exam proctor, college coaches, a college administrator, and 33 parents, according to CNN. After the initial shock settled, the Internet reacted to the news in the way it knows best—with humor.

Perhaps the easiest joke to make was to namedrop Loughlin's famous Full House character, Aunt Becky:. Damn Aunt Becky pic. When you gotta break aunt Becky out of jail. How bad were their grades and test scores? They got Aunt Becky out here getting cuffed by the feds.

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We living in the worst of times. Ah, Aunt Becky, how the tables have turned. Judge: How do you wish to plea? Aunt Becky: Have mercy!

lynette scavo house

Judge: bangs gavel Order in the court! Aunt Becky: How rude. Aunt Becky: You got it dude! Aunt Becky SMH pic. If you squint, you can see Alcatraz. Lynette Scavo kicking down doors, paying colleges, etc. Felicity Huffman: Twitter: pic. Bazaar Bride. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Andra Day on Portraying Billie Holiday.Lynette Lindquist Scavo is a fictional character and one of the four protagonists on the series Desperate Housewives.

While show creator Marc Cherry based Bree Van de Kamp 's family on his teenage years, he based Lynette's on his childhood life. Lynette Lindquist was the eldest of three daughters born to Stella and her husband, Mr.

After he died, Their mother had a series of unpleasant and unstable boyfriends and a drinking problem. She also beat her children and had cancer, when Lynette was 13 years old. Lynette told her that this was a punishment from God. Finally, Stella chooses Glenn Wingfield as the second husband, whom Lynette adored.

After a short time, Glenn left, and Lynette blamed her mother for driving him away for a long time. During college, Lynette met Renee Perry and two of them become loyal friends. She graduated from Northwestern University During working in the advertisement she became a "business shark" and almost a vice-president like Natalie Klein said, but she met Tom Scavo in the same company.

He was so in love that he broke up with his girlfriend, Annabel Foster. Tom and Lynette married in the year and moved to Wisteria Lane the following year. Lynette had four children with Tom: twins Preston and Porter born in FebruaryParker born in Novemberand Penny born in She had a very successful career, but she gave up all that to become a stay-at-home mother.

lynette scavo house

After a short and difficult first impression of Gaby, all four women accepted the ex-model as a friend. As the series begins, Lynette is near to breaking point - she has been stuck at home alone with four kids for 6 years. Her husband is always away on business trips or at work.

Lynette Scavo House Floor Plan: 2nd Floor

Lynette struggled to cope with her four children until Preston and Porter were prescribed medication for ADHD attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Lynette decided not to medicate them and started taking the medication herself so she could have more energy in order to make the costumes for a school play.

Realising she was addicted, Lynette managed to stop taking the pills after she and Tom hired a nanny. Unfortunately the nanny didn't stay long as she caught Tom's eye a little too much. Her problems got worse when Tom told her that he was offered a lucrative promotion that would take him away from home more often, which he refused to discuss with her, so she made sure that his boss didn't offer him the promotion.

When Tom found out what Lynette had done, he quit his job, and in the season finale informs her that she will be going back to work. Lynette also has trouble with Tom's ex-girlfriend, Annabel Foster. So, she talks to an executive of her old firm, and Tom's firm, to hire his ex as the VP of the firm, which she willingly does. When Tom finds out what Lynette had done, he forgives her, and decides to become a stay-at-home dadand so she has to go back to work, and earn the money.

Lynette got a job at an advertising agency and for much of the season, deals with obstacles at work and colleagues.It is with great sorrow that we have to say good-bye to Desperate Housewives. I wanted to take a last look farewell trip down Wisteria Lane to the houses The Facebook App Center is a place to play games and discover great apps on Facebook.

I'm so damn sad now that the show has fini Wisteria Lane. I love Desperate Housewives.

Lynette Scavo House Floor Plan: 1st Floor

I've seen every episode since the pilot aired October Big deal, right? I've even hung out at my friend's house who lives across the street from Eva Longoria, the actess who plays my favorite character, Gabby. Ok, kind of creepy. So, when I saw a full access set tour of the ABC hit show at a charity auction, I knew it had to be mine!!!!!

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When it comes to shopping, I rarely go home empty handed. I won the set tour and helped a good cause.

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I knew who I…. Saying goodbye to 'Desperate Housewives' with a close-up look at Wisteria Lane. Explore Gentleman of Sophistication and Refinement's photos on Flickr. Gentleman of Sophistication and Refinement has uploaded photos to Flickr. It was just announced that the long running ABC series Desperate Housewives would end its run after the current season.

Now, as any of you might have guessed from reading the site that Desperate HousewivesShe was mostly known for being super controlling, with a tendency to slightly berate people she holds dear to her heart, Lynette is portrayed as the neurotic, stressed and controlling housewife and mother, and is considered the "smart" one of the group. After the death of their father, their mother Stella married Glen Wingfield. After a short time, Glen left this family.

Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 23 Beginning and Ending

Lynette blamed her mother for driving him away for a long time. This troubled childhood left Lynette with a constant fear that everything in her life could fall apart suddenly, so she needs to control everything in order to feel safe and secure. Lynette graduated from Northwestern University.

During college, Lynette was friends with Renee Perry. She admits to being a total whore in college, and she even had a threesome with two of the men from the rugby team. They go out for a date and Lynette insists she pay for the meal, however, Tom refuses this offer, but says she can pay for the next dinner. She tells him she's not looking to get married or have children, but she does like a white picket fence.

After a while of being together and becoming pregnant with their first children, Preston and PorterTom buys Lynette her dream house on Wisteria Lane. She was touched when she realizes that he remembered her stating she liked white picket fences on their first date.

It is revealed that they are arguing about Tom getting her pregnant with twins and that he refused to tell her that twins run in his family.

Tom tries to calm down Lynette so she doesn't give their new neighbors the wrong impression. She apologizes for acting like a crazy bitch and promises to control her anger in the future. Soon after moving to the lane, Tom and Lynette had a third child, Parker and then a forth, Penny.

When Penny was born, Lynette was too concerned about getting a new job that she left Penny in the car outside. Lynette then realizes that she doesn't want a job, but she wants to stay home and look after her daughter. Lynette struggles to take care of her four demanding children, PorterPrestonParker and Penny on her own while her husband, Tomis away for business.

While walking to the wake of her friend, Mary Alice YoungLynette threatens to call Santa if the children do not start behaving. At the wake, her three sons decide to go swimming in the pool. After being warned by Martha HuberLynette climbs into the pool in her dress and collects her children. Whilst at the supermarket with her children, she runs into an old colleague.

When she's asked about how being a mother is, Lynette lies and says it's the best job she has ever had. When Tom returns from work, Lynette is relieved as her children are driving her crazy. After getting rid of the children, Tom and Lynette go upstairs to have sex, and when Lynette asks him to put a condom on, he suggests "risking it".Lynette Scavo also known as Lynette Lindquist is one of the main protagonists of Desperate Housewives.

Lynette Scavo was conceived by Stella Wingfield and her second husband, Mr. Lynette is the sister of Lucy and Lydia Lindquist. Stella was previously married to an unnamed man, and they divorced.

Years later, Stella married a fourth time to a man named Frank Kaminsky who died days later. Frank was married four times before his marriage with Stella. Lucy married a man named Davebut they eventually divorced. In the eighth season, Lydia was engaged and most likely married Herbert "Rashi" Brickmeyer.

Tom has a daughter named Kayla from a one night stand named Nora Huntington. Nora is the daughter of Joe and Sheila Huntington. In the eighth season, Porter becomes the father of Julie Mayer 's baby girl. Lynette eventually has five other grandkids. Tom has an aunt Penny. Jane is the mother of Chloe Carlsonand aunt of Cindy. The Fairview strangler, Eddie Orlofsky briefly lived with the Scavo's in season six.

Also in season six, Preston was engaged to a Russian gold digger named Irina Korsakovthat he broke up with right before the wedding. In season one, Lynette had a live-in nanny named Claire. It was mentioned that Porter use to have a dog he lost. The Scavo's use to have gold fish. In season two, Parker had a dog.


The Scavo family is one of the central families on Desperate Housewives. They reside at Wisteria Lane. Note: Susan's family and Renee's family intertwine with Lynette's. This wiki.

lynette scavo house

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lynette scavo house

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